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Using a network of valued relationships, the SCPC seeks to educate families across the nation about why South Carolina is “The Tastier Peach State.” The Palmetto State’s slightly acidic soils, hot days, and humid nights enable our growers to offer consumers peaches ripened by Mother Nature and packed with nutrients and flavor. Through joint collaboration between the SCPC and local retailers, fundraising efforts support research and promotion initiatives for South Carolina peaches.

Research efforts through major southeastern universities keep shippers on the cutting edge of production technology to bring consumers the highest quality, best tasting peach in the marketplace. Investments in these technologies ensure that consumers will benefit from increased quality and food safety standards.

Promotional efforts invite consumers to taste the difference for themselves and to enjoy our higher quality fruit all summer long. The SCPC realizes consumers have a choice and we thank you for choosing South Carolina peaches.

South Carolina Peach Growers are a very dedicated and passionate group of professionals. They work hard year-round to provide consumers with the tastiest peaches. Most of the peach orchards in South Carolina are family owned and have been passed down over generations. Peach Growers are constantly introducing new peach varieties to their orchards and improving current varieties in order to cultivate only the best. After all, South Carolina is “The Tastier Peach State”!



Why should I become a Member of the SC Peach Council?
As a Member of the SC Peach Council, you will be part of a network of farmer's committed to growing the highest quality, sweetest tasting peach in the marketplace.
How do Members of the SC Peach Council contribute to the peach industry in South Carolina?
The SC Peach Council is committed to working with grower, shippers, and buyers to increase consumer awareness for the SC peach industry.
How is the SC Peach Council improving the peach industry?
The SC Peach Council invests in the future of the SC peach industry through its commitment to innovative scientific research that improves the cultivation of SC Peaches.
What are the benefits of becoming a Member of the SC Peach Council?
Membership has many benefits, including the opportunity to increase consumer awareness of your business through our Grower’s Map, Shipper's Map, and digital advertisements. For more information on Membership, please Contact Us.


Funds help sustain the South Carolina peach industry through promotion, education and research.